Custom Mitzvah Gift Ideas - Family Figurines to Commemorate the Event

Custom Mitzvah Gift Ideas - Remember the Mezuzah, Kippot, Prayer Shawl and the happy smile. Add your figurines as parents, brother, sister, etc ...Be creative, it is not just only one handmade figurine.. Put yourself side by side with your son, daughter.

custom mitzvah figurines
Custom Bar Bat Mitzvah Gifts

A bar or bat mitzvah is an important occasion in the life of a Jewish adolescent, and it's important to get your child a special and meaningful gift to commemorate the event.

Remember that this is a transitional moment - becoming b'nai mitzvah is one of the rites of passage marking the closure of childhood. Try to find a gift that symbolizes this entry into the first stages of adulthood, if possible. Consider a custom mitzvah gift with spiritual significance perhaps something that is of the jewish tradition and all of your family can remember. Custom gift with name and date plate that can commemorate the date is especially meaningful. It can also serve as your unique mitzvah figurine home decor.

You may choose to make this just one part of your gift to your child, given in combination with a more secular present.