Custom Career Cake Topper can be quite a Talking Point

Try customizing your wedding toppers with your Choice of Hobbies, interests, occupations, pets, family members, even cars, etc ... Be creative, we will work together and make your wedding one of a kind.

Customized toppers in firefighter, police, nurse, doctor,teacher, programmer, anything that you can think of!

Are you Ready?
The days of the traditional wedding cake topper with the standing figures of the bride in a long white wedding dress, complete with veil, and the groom in black morning dress are fading fast and today we see a growing range of often quite unusual wedding cake toppers.

Traditional toppers will include figures of the bride and groom but, while some will still have them standing in the customary white wedding dress and black tail coat, nowadays these will often show the bride and groom either in the actual clothes being worn for the wedding or in more casual attire.

A good example of this might be custom cops or policeman wedding cake toppers which can not only show the bride or groom in their correct policeman uniform, but can even show them with the correct medals and decorations. Today there are many custom wedding cake toppers to suit just about every taste and budget and the list of the different types available includes, amongst others, African American, Hispanic, gay, lesbian, beach, dove, Cinderella and fire fighter wedding cake toppers.

Your wedding reception is a happy and joyous occasion so why not stamp your personalities on the event by choosing an unusual wedding cake topper.