Customization Ideas in Cultural Weddings - Be Creative

Try different themes in handmade monogram cake toppers, be creative in adding different crystals and colors. You can put a human figure side by side a special monogram letter, put a race car in front, whatever you would like to do, see other sections in this website. Send us your ideas and we will work together

Cultural Weddings Cake Toppers

Handmade monogram toppers and initial toppers are a huge trend in weddings, to the point where they feature strongly in some, and in others, provide the actual theme. And what’s not to like about handmade monograms? They’re elegant, understated, versatile, and a dramatic visual reminder of your new life together.

Each handmade monogram topper is personalized for your wedding cake. These initial wedding cake toppers are handmolded in numbers, and letters. They are elegant or contemporary monogrammed wedding cake topper. They are also available in different colors highlighting your wedding theme. See our wedding cakes gallery for pictures of wedding cakes. We can also handmade these with Swarovski crystals.