Japanese Theme Weddings Cake Toppers - A cool trend in Cake Decoration

Custom Japanese theme with your traditional attire and outfits and looks is a great personalized theme in wedding cake topper and cake decoration. Oh, Kekkon Omededoo! Why not have all your smiles, and Japanese attires put in your wedding cake toppers or centerpieces? What could be more meaningful than a cake decoration that reminds everybody of your common theme and interest? Add Shoji table lanterns, japanese lamp posts, etc ...

Personalized Japanese Culture Theme Cake Toppers
Japanese Theme Cake Toppers

Just send us a few pictures in mind or ANYTHING NIHON YOU WANT and we will work together in handcrafting Surfing or Skiing moment only unique to yourself and your beloved!

Sometimes the idea for a particular Japanese theme, e.g. a particular state culture flows naturally from the ethnic traditions of the bride or groom — and sometimes, the couple just loves all things oriental.

Some Japanese Cake Topper Themes Ideas In Japan, a groom wears a haori on the top and a hakama on the bottom, all in black. The bride changes into up to five different kimonos throughout the wedding day.

Though it isn't required, some Japanese brides wear the traditional wig as part of their wedding attire, one that's heavily decorated in artificial flowers, gold combs and pearls. The wedding party also dresses in kimonos, usually in a color chosen by the bride.