Traditional Cake Toppers for Your Wedding and Anniversary

Your anniversary cake topper should demonstrate your memory, history, and the loved ones around like your baby, kids and family members who witness the wonderful years leading to your anniversary. We are fortunate to be able to share these personalization tips with many through the years, let the memory begin.

Personalization by Inviting your Loved Ones in the Cake Decoration

Do not settle for just a yearly number of 1, 2, or 50 in your special cake decoration in a memorable setting like an anniversary. There are a lot of wonderful things which have happened since that special day, be it your wonderful baby, your grown up kids, your lovely pets, or a change in careers and focus in life. Your anniversary decoration should demonstrate your personal taste and style and of course fit the d├ęcor of your reception.

It's also a great chance to relive the wonderful memory of that day. The style of your wedding dress, wonderful things happened on that day, the happy bridesmaids who once again come together again. You can personalize them in your cake topper or decoration and make everybody relive the happy moment one more time.

Personalized figurines are a good choice. Take out pictures of your new family members as well as old pals and relatives. Bring them altogether to celebrate this wonderful happy anniversaries. All through the years, they will be become cherishable history line if you will when you look at these handmade collectibles that marked your wonderful anniversaries all these years.