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Please just contact Lily at and send her a picture of your wedding gown for evaluation. The most unique part of this funny face cake topper is to create your tux and wedding gown in fabric (i.e. silk, lace, organza) similar to the real one. Besides, Lily will customize your bouquet, hairstyle and add a little Swarovski crystal tiara and necklace (if you have one) . If there is something else that you wish to add, such as your pet, please ask!

As each year Lily only creates few number of funny face cake toppers, this will be the MOST UNIQUE figurine topper that you have ever seen. You will be amazed the amount of details!

This special Lily Tsai Trademark design was featured on TV show in NBC's Today. Please click here to go to the press

Funny Ideas about Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Handmade funny cake toppers artworks enlighten our happy spirit. These lively and happy, these 5.5" wedding adorables are one-of-a-kind cake toppers designed by Lily Tsai. Funny but elegant wedding dress design in Swarovski crystals and pearls are also trademarks of this special cake topper design. Besides, whether it is the tie color of the groom or the hairstyle of the bride or even the petal color of the bouquet, couples we have worked with find this artwork collection make a 3D memory of their precious moments. Why not be creative and adventurous?

For many years the traditional wedding cake has been a round three tiered white cake decorated with white or pastel colored flowers and often topped with a model representing the bride and groom, or perhaps with a pair of doves or horseshoes. But things are changing.

Nowadays it's perfectly acceptable to depart from the customary wedding cake and to choose just about anything you like, so let your imagination go and create the cake that you want – after all it is your special day.