IMPORTANT! Character figurines are NOT intended to be portraits but representations with cartoon elements. The proportion of body and head of figurines is not same as actual human being and the heads will be slightly larger than normal. Please check out figurines examples on my website to get an idea. Due to limitation of the actual figurine's size, most of the details will be captured but some tiny details/embroidery on your attires may not be duplicated exact. While most of the materials will be in clay, some other materials may be used such as fabric, beads, and crystals.

These are caricature, not portraits. Although each figurine is carefully handmade, there may be some tiny flaws which should be expected.

How much does a figurine cost?
This prices vary based on your requirements. The topper is fully custom made and it is something that can last for many years even life time. Customization includes faces, attires, hairstyles, and posture with medium difficulties. Please contact me for pricing info.

How long does it take to make a cake topper?
Typical it takes about 4 - 6 weeks (not including shipping time) but it may vary during busy seasons. I may accept rush orders depending on the seasons; however early booking (several months in advance) is strongly recommended as only limited cake toppers can be created each month. You may want to send me pictures early and have details decided before work may begin. Please contact me via emails or calls to check availability. Booking is only confirmed once a deposit/payment is received. Please contact me directly for availability. Currently I am accepting bookings for 2014 and 2015..

How much do you charge for additional features or props?
I know how much you want to have your lovely pet and possible your motorcycle or car be part of your cake topper. In order to get a quote, please contact me for pricing information.

How large is the topper or sculpture?
A normal figure is about 6 - 6.5 inches high. The typical figurine or topper base (for a couple) is about 5 x 5" inches which is designed to fit on most cakes. If you need something in different sizes or shape, please let me know. If you would like to have a customized base such as a beach/garden theme, additional charges may apply.

Can the figures be bigger or smaller?
The above mentioned size is specifically designed to fit on most cakes. Bigger figures add too much weight (more than one pound is difficult for most cakes) If you go for smaller figures, the details of facial expression and attires details will be compromised which is not desirable.

How much does a topper or sculpture weight?
A typical 2 figure cake topper is LESS THAN ONE pound including the base. A motor bike will be about 1/4 - 1/2 pound. Small additional features like little pets are not going to add much.

What kind of pictures do you need?
1) For your faces, in order to create a figurine look like you, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a close up picture which shows clearly your features and an expression that you like. Please make sure it is HIGH resolution which is suitable to print on a 4 x 6 (4R) photo paper. Your eyes must be looking straight and both ears must be seen equally. Your face should fill at least 1/2 of the picture but please make sure your shoulder is captured to ensure a correct distance (not too close). Your posture of your head must be in UPRIGHT. If you are sending a picture with more than one person, please make sure your heads are NOT touching each other.
2) For your attires, please make sure to take picture of your OVERALL look and pictures of each small components that you wish to be incorporated into the topper. It is okay if you are not the one in the attires such as wedding gown as I understand you may not have it available at that moment.
3) For your pets, please make sure to send me pictures to show front, back, and side.
4) For other components/items , please send me pictures of overall look and close ups for details.
5) If you have a particular posture that you wish to be incorporated, please send me a picture.

What happen next after booking is confirmed?
Before I start working on your topper, I will go over the details with you one more time to ensure everything is fine. Once I start, I will not be able to make any major changes.

Can you make more than 2 figures?
I can do any figures you like for any occasion. There is an example of six happy bridesmaids accompanying their beloved bride. I would not put any limitation on how you would like your occasion to be remembered. You may yourself accompanied by your mom and maid of honor. These figures are designed to be lightweight. For four figures, it is still around one pound. You can also put it by the cake side. The family figures with parents and a baby is a wonderful memory for home décor.

Can you make different theme characters, like cartoon, comic, animals, etc?
Please send me pictures of what you have in mind and I can work that out with you. There have been many occasions on which special requests are well catered to.

What type of materials do you use in the process?
A special type of Polymer Clay I mix and produce which has the flexibility to accommodate fine details like some embroidery on wedding dress. Sometimes painting is involved.

How well will the figures look like us?
Since I work on the figurines based on pictures, a good quality picture will be very critical. I would not say 100% or 90% because of the humorous and comical ingredient. But special features will be highlighted so that you will see good similarity between the pictures you provide and the figures. As we look differently in different pictures, it is important that you select a close up picture of your face that you like. My goal is to get as close as I can to your likeness but can't promise a certain degree of likeness. Please check out my examples to get more ideas.

How long do the figures last?
With proper care, the figurines can last many years, even lifetime. Please DO NOT wash it with water/detergent and keep it in a dry area/place. If possible, please get a display case or put it in a class cabinet in order to keep it in a good condition.

Do you ship internationally?
Definitely. Please email me and I will check out the shipping rate for you. Any custom is the recipient's responsibility but so far for so many we have shipped out to UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland etc …, we never have a case that they have been charged at all nor is there a significant delay.

What types of payment methods do you use?
To safeguard your privacy online, I take payment thru PayPal, an eBay company, which is perhaps the easiest and the most secured payment. Through PayPal, you can pay by common credit cards or even just directly send money online. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account and your credit card or bank information will never be appeared to anybody including us. All our clients, including first time users, love it and it works best with me.

What if there are changes?
Changes are not an issue at all if I have not started working on it. I always prepare a document for my clients to review their requirements before I start making a topper. Therefore, it is your responsibility to review it and let me know if there is any correction before I start. Once started, it is tough. But let me know, I will try to work with you if they are not significant. I will send you a picture of your topper once it is done and usually only minor adjustment can be done.

Is the payment refundable?
Because each topper is fully custom made based on your requirements and details to be incorporated in the topper is being reviewed before I start, payment is not subject for refund. I will try my best to do adjustment for you for the final topper if it is needed but again it is very important that clients have to provide accurate information such as details and pictures before I start.

What if there is any damage during shipment?
Please let me know right away and I can talk with you on any remedial measures that can be taken. Most of the times, they are very minor things that can be fixed or glued easily. You can also email a picture or two so that I can do some diagnostics for you. Based on my experience, so far no major breakage has been reported.